All the Reasons Why a Fruit Nibbler Can Be Your Baby’s Best Friend

Little babies can be a true joy to have around the house and you may feel like you never get enough of them. However, there may be times when you want nothing more than to just calm the baby down and engage it in a happy and productive way. While it is easier for parents and other adults to keep older children engaged, it is simply tougher when the kids are still young. The smallest of babies, the ones that have limited mobility, are most vulnerable to getting affected by hazards and need the most stimulation are the ones that most adults have to worry about keeping engaged. While there are a lot of different devices that you can use in keeping your baby engaged, one of the most effective and healthy ways to keep them involved in something is with the help of a fruit or food nibbler.

The nibbler is a device that is made up of two parts, the handle, and the food compartment. It is simple in design yet highly efficient in functionality. The food compartment of the nibbler is made out of soft, food-grade, perforated silicon which helps in holding a small to medium-sized solid food or fruit piece. The compartment is snapped shut and secured so that it does not open while in use and poses a threat to the safety of the baby that is using it. The nibbler device works by grasping it with the handle and nibbling on the perforated fruit compartment for the fruit inside for it to get squished and the juices to be released into the mouth of the little baby. Once, you give your baby the fruit or food nibbler, you will realize that they become extremely easy to manage and handle, no matter how cranky they are.

There are several very common reasons why small babies tend to get cranky, some of the reasons include, physical discomfort, hunger, or lack of stimulation. Your baby’s best friend, the humble nibbler may not be able to help in the case of physical discomfort or hurt but it can be highly effective in controlling a baby that is cranky due to hunger or lack of stimulation. Here is a list of reasons why the nibbler becomes an instant hit among babies once they have it:

Attractive & Exciting: Little babies that have their cognition developing in overdrive are usually curious about almost everything that they see, which is why the fruit nibbler is highly likely to grab your baby’s attention and becoming an instant partner in their journey towards fun and exploration.

The shape and make of the nibbler from the right seller can help your baby in grasping the device with a good grip, which is something of an achievement for your bundle of joy. This is what eggs them to tread the new waters further and check out the patterns, shapes, colors, and textures on the nibbler. All of these combined, help stimulate the senses of the baby and keep it positively engaged.

However, one of the most important things that most babies find attractive and exciting about the nibbler is the fact that they can feel the texture of the device with not just their little hands but also with their mouth. The sensory experience that the nibbler provides is what makes it so lovable for the babies.

Tasteful: When children are cranky and are being difficult to control, one thing almost always works and that is good taste. If children are offered something tasty, their mind gets diverted from what they actually want or are irritated about. When the taste is combined with the experience of eating it on their own, it just adds to the excitement and happiness that the kids feel.

Babies love the fruit nibbler and feeder to the extent that they start to connect good taste with the device and feel a sense of satisfaction when they are able to eat something on their own, just like their favorite adults do. The nibbler not only helps babies calm down and get engaged but also helps in prodding them on to the journey of eating on their own and this can be a small yet strong first step towards independent feeding.

Travel Buddy: While it is an exciting prospect for babies to go out and explore the outdoors, babies tend to get irritated and cranky in constricted spaces such as while traveling. When babies are in spaces like car baby seats, trains, buses, or flights they are most fidgety and want to get out of the grasp of the seat. It is at such times that little babies either throw tantrums or end up wailing, in any case, parents may feel flustered and may need an extra hand in controlling the little one. The nibbler almost always rises up to the occasion in such situations and proves to be an excellent device in the process of controlling the baby.

Little babies can be engaged with the help of the amusing fruit or food nibbler and feeder and can be made even more interesting by filling the food compartment with new and interesting kinds of fruits for the baby to not only get enhanced visual value of the device but also get to taste new foods even as they remain engaged in a space like a tiny seat.

Soothing: Small babies that are teething are usually highly cranky and irritated also because of the pain and discomfort that is caused by teething. It is during this period that little babies will pick things and put almost everything they find, into their mouths. While it can be scary and dangerous for children to chew on just about anything they can get their hands on, it is satisfying to know that the baby has a device that they can chew on and still remain safe. The nibbler is soft enough for the baby to chew on and tough enough to soothe their hardworking gums.

Having something like a nibbler can be a source of relief for the baby when they are struggling with teething problems that adults can never understand, which is why the nibbler becomes their best friend during the journey of getting brand new teeth.

After having gone through all the reasons why babies love the fruit nibbler and feeder device, it is safe to say that the nibbler is not just a baby’s best friend but can also prove to be the best friend of the baby’s parents and other caregivers.

There are numerous benefits of the nibbler that babies can be sure to avail of but it is also important to understand that there are a lot of sellers out there that sell nibblers. Parents that are shopping for fruit nibblers and feeders for their babies need to understand that buying the device from a trusted and reliable seller can be the only right way to shop for it. The most trustworthy sellers make it a point to offer nibblers that are safe for the babies that use them and do not pose a threat to the security of the baby.

In buying the nibbler, you need to make sure that the food compartment of the nibbler snaps shut in a secure fashion so that the solid piece of food or fruit does not fall out of the nibbling device. It is also important that the entire is device is made out of food-safe and BPA-free materials including the silicon as well as the plastic parts so that it is safe for use by little babies. Finally, you need to make sure that the finish of the nibbler is smooth and free of sharp edges so that it does not cause injury to your baby’s soft hands and skin as it grabs onto the handle and plays with it or nibbles on it.

The easiest way to be sure about all the quality elements of the nibbler is to buy it from a brand that is internationally acclaimed and offers an innovative range of products especially for the safety and wellbeing of little babies.


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