Baby Feeding Bottle: Learn How to Feed Your Baby

In this fast growing world, working parents face difficulty in managing the nutritional needs of their new born infant. But as a mother you can’t ignore the nutritional feeding of your baby. However, it is also true that you can’t breastfeed your baby always because of time and surroundings constraints. So, are you also a working parent and facing this problem? Switching to baby feeding bottle for your new born will be best option for you.

But before switching to, baby feeding bottle, you must understand how you need to manage the feeding bottle for baby. As if you are rookie or little amateur in feeding your baby, you will be compromising with his health. Thus, read this article and get to know all the aspects of newborn baby bottle feeding.

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How to manage the feeding bottle?

As a mother you will agree to us that, you can’t always breast feed your baby as said earlier also. But does that mean, you completely ignore the nutritional needs of your child? No. That’s why you need to look for alternatives, and feeding bottle for new born baby is best option.

Getting the milk for bottle:

Once you have brought the feeding bottle for your baby, now you need to focus on milk for it. You can fill the bottle with breastmilk, in this way you can store the natural mother’s milk for your infant. It is suitable for the kids from age of 0-18months. Or if you feel difficulty in expressing breastmilk into the feeding bottle, switch to infant formula milk for your baby.

Infant formula milk is the best alternative to breastmilk, so prepare the solution, and fill the baby feeding milk bottle.

Checking the flow of milk from feeding bottle:

Too much of milk flow as well as little milk flow, both are not good for your baby. Thus, you need to be cautious about the milk flow. An ideal milk flow is, when you hold baby feeding bottle upside down, the milk is dripping out steadily. If the flow of milk is just pouring out, then the bottle is not correct for your baby.

So have proper feeding bottle nipples, which give the desired milk flow to your baby. If the milk flow is too slow, your baby will sleep without drinking the milk. Or he might remain hungry also, and cry. If milk flow is too much, it will create a mess around your baby, making it comfortable for him.

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Giving milk bottle to your baby:

It is the most important step in managing the bottle for new born baby. If you go wrong here, your baby will not drink the milk. Hence, follow the step by step procedure we are going to explain further.

Keep the baby close to you in your arms and make sure the baby is little inclined. It ensures that air bubbles if any, rise to the top of bottle and baby burps easily. The next step is to put the nipple of feeding bottle in your baby’s mouth. While feeding the baby, you need to keep the neck of bottle at an angle, it ensures milk is there in the nipple. Hence, baby drinks it easily.

However, you need to keep checking the way your child is drinking the milk from baby feeding bottle. If the baby is sucking the nipple with less force, you need to remove the milk feeding bottle. It is because your baby might need to burp. You can also check this when bottle has gone half during the feeding. After the burping, you can again give the bottle to your baby. But don’t force him to drink the remaining the milk.

Feeding your infant is an emotional feeling, thus you can also talk and play with your baby during bottle feeding. It helps the parents and other family members develop a healthy bond with the baby. In this way your baby grows fully and starts recognizing everyone quickly.

When baby drinks milk, but leaves the bottle half:

It generally happens, when your baby has gone to sleep while drinking, or when his tummy got full. If your baby leaves the bottle in between, you don’t need to worry. It is because, he understands, how much milk is enough for his body. SO don’t force him to finish the bottle, as it may cause him digestion problems.

However, if your baby has gone to sleep in between the feeding, it is a sign of worry. As, the flow might not be proper, and baby feels tired in sucking the nipple. Thus, you need to check the milk flow, and simultaneously wake your baby up again for drinking the milk. You can rub back, legs, pat head and tummy slowly of your baby to wake him up. Once awake, put the feeding bottle back in his mouth and play with him while he finishes his bottle.

Don’t use the left over milk after an hour, as there are chances of contamination in formula milk after sucking the bottle. Thus, throw away the left over milk, once your baby stops drinking the milk of his own. Also read: Baby bottle feeder choosing the best one

How Much Milk Is Enough In the Bottle?

A new born infant requires 6-8 times feeding in every 24 hours. However, if you are asking it in terms of volume, then there is not set amount milk volume for your baby. It solely depends upon the hungriness of your child.

To know how much milk your infant drinks during bottle feeding, you can make the chart of his diet. Every time you give him baby feeding bottle make a note of it. Also, not the amount of milk he drinks every time. In this way you can assume how much volume of milk will be sufficient for your baby.

If on any day he is drinking less milk, you can sense that he is not well. Thus, you can also take suitable actions so that he remains well.

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Where to buy the best feeding bottle for new born baby?

When it comes to the health of your child, you should trust someone who itself is a parent. Thus, if you are going to buy feeding bottle for your new born always consult a parent. The product that you should select must be baby friendly and your child should feel enjoyment while drinking from the bottle. That is why you need to select us “Safe-O-Kids”.

Run by people who themselves are parents, we understand the concern of every parent. Hence, the baby feeding bottle we bring for you go through strict quality check not once but many times. For double quality assurance, we keep having ISO certified quality checks, so your kid gets what he deserves.

Our name in the baby safety products since last one decade, have earned us the trust of parents and pediatricians from the society. See the range of our baby safety products here.

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