Baby Feeding Bottles – How to Introduce It To Your Toddler?

With the growing age of your infant, his nutritional needs also grow. Thus, to meet his increasing nutritional needs, you need to introduce him to alternative form of feeding other than breastfeeding. Feeding him through baby feeding bottles is the best way to keep his nutritional intake perfect.

If you want to know more on, right of introducing baby feeding bottles to your toddler, you are at right place. Thus keep reading till end, and learn everything about it.

Why baby feeding bottles is necessary for your baby?

Baby feeding bottles allow you to feed your infant with formula milk. This, will make him habitual of foods other than your breastmilk keeping the feeling of breastfeeding same. It is because the toddler will suck milk through nipple of bottles, which is same as breastfeeding. Thus transition of your baby from breastfeeding to other form of food becomes smooth and easy with bottle feeding.

Process to introduce your baby to bottle feeding

You cannot introduce baby feeding bottles to your baby until he becomes at least 1 month old. It is the opinion of most lactation experts. And in this one month, your child gets habitual of breastfeeding.

In bottle feeding, your child needs to such milk from the bottle. It requires him to use his mouth and tongue movement in different way, than breastfeeding. Thus, your baby will need time to adjust to these changes. So, if you are a working woman, who needs to join her work asap. You need to start the bottle feeding at least 14days or two weeks before you stop breastfeeding him. This window of 14days, gives the time to both of you to adjust with bottle feeding.

Making your baby adapt to a feeding bottle

You can do following things with your baby, in order to make him adapt to baby feeding bottles at quick pace.

  • You can start giving him bottle during evening after his regular breastfeeding. It will make him adapt to the nipple of feeding bottle. You can fill the bottle with half an ounce of your breastmilk.
  • Try using a slow-flow nipple, which gives similar feeling like breastfeeding to the toddler. You can feed the baby keeping the bottle horizontal and pause the flow frequently. To give him actual feel of breastfeeding you can switch the sides. This way, he will sense breastfeeding in form of bottle feeding, and your work gets easier.
  • Give someone else the chance to bottle feed your baby. If you will be the person who keeps giving him baby feeding bottle every time, he will be taking bottle from your hands only. Thus, it will be much like breastfeeding only. Hence, ask your family members to feed your baby. It will also give the baby a chance to adapt with other members of family and his dependency on you will reduce.

What to do if your baby resists bottle feeding?

Not every baby accepts the baby feeding bottles easily. So if your baby is also like this, follow the below steps to make him comfortable with bottle feeding –

  • You can give try to every kind of nipple for the baby. Usually there are two, latex and silicon nipple. Thus, if your baby is having difficulty with latex nipple, give him silicon nipple and vice-versa. To make it more comfortable, warm the nipple with water before feeding your baby.
  • If your baby is too much fond of your breastmilk, you can put some drops of it on bottle nipple. When the nipple will taste like your breastmilk, he will surely enjoy baby feeding bottles.
  • Use infant car, and make him sit in that, so your baby is in semi-upright position. Then feed him with bottle. This way, you can make him used to baby feeding bottles.
  • Try giving milk in bottle of different temperatures. This way you can learn your baby prefers warm milk or cold milk. Thus, the milk temperature your baby loves, you can give it to him on daily basis.

Who can provide you with best feeding bottles?

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