Baby Monitors- Types & Buying Guide

With the technology growing at a rapid pace, there are a gamut of devices that makes our lives easy. One such device is Baby Monitor. Being a parent means you have to keep a constant eye on your kid – whether he/she has fallen asleep or not. This becomes more difficult when you are a working parent. In such a scenario, a baby monitor comes to the rescue. Let’s take a look at what exactly are baby monitors. How you could benefit from having a baby monitor.

What are Baby Monitors?

A baby monitor is a device which lets you monitor your kid whether you are at home or not. Not only this, a baby monitor makes it possible for you to communicate with your baby through audio or video mode. So, whether you are at working at your office or navigation through traffic, just turn on your smart phone to see what your baby is up to.

This is just a little introduction about baby monitor. A baby monitor does much more than this, Today’s best baby monitors are stacked with features. They give you updates when your baby is awake or crying.

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What to look for in a Baby Monitor?

Baby monitor comes with plenty of features that allows you to keep an eye on your kid. So, if you are planning to buy a baby monitor, you must consider these features:

  • Two-way communication – One of the best features that is incorporated in a baby monitor is the two-way communication. You should always buy a baby monitor that features two-way communication.. This allows you to communicate with your kid without having you to walk into your kid’s room. Having a baby monitor which features two-way communication comes handy if you want to talk to someone who is tending to the needs of your kid.
  • Movement Monitor – Baby monitor with such feature rings an alarm where there is no movement or when the baby is feeling restless after a period of time.
  • Infrared Night Vision – Baby monitor equipped with infrared night vision is quite useful. When your baby’s room gets dark or when you are monitoring them at night, Infrared night vision allows you to monitor your kid in a crystal clear quality. Your will be clearly able to view your kid. Always look for a baby monitor that has this feature installed.
  • Voice Activation – Another useful feature to look for in a baby monitor is voice activation. Voice activation gives you alert whenever your kid is awake. It means that you don’t have to constantly gaze at the baby monitor to see if your kid is awake or not. A simple alert from baby monitor will send you this message that your baby is awake.
  • Multiple Camera Support – A multiple camera support gives you the option to connect multiple cameras on the same account. So, if you have kids in multiple rooms, you can monitor them easily by placing cameras in different rooms. So, if you are planning to buy a baby monitor, you should always look forward to having such feature.
  • Lullaby Mode – Today’s best baby monitors come equipped with lullaby mode. As its name indicates, this features plays a gentle tone to send baby off to sleep. This feature helps in making your kids calm if they have been feeling restless. Along with the lullaby mode, baby monitors have “night light feature” installed. Such feature is useful for babies who are not able to sleep in dark.
  • Video Recording – Some of the best baby monitors allow you to record video. So, if you are opting for the one that features this video recording option, make sure to buy an SD which is compatible with baby monitor as well. Storing videos will not be a problem when you have the SD card.

How do Baby Monitors work?

There are basically two types of baby monitors.

  • Audio – These baby monitors allow you to establish connection with your kid through audio. They are the most common types of baby monitors that are up for grabs. It acts like a walkie -talkie between you and your baby’s room.
  • Video Based Baby Monitors – Audio based baby monitors have been replaced with the video based baby monitors. Such baby monitors allow you to communicate with your baby through video connection. You will be able to see your kid, communicate with them, offering a touch of face to face conversation.

Baby monitors transmit audio and video using Wifi network or mobile network. If your baby starts crying, the microphone will pick up the signal and send it to you and you will receive alerts about the same. Some video monitors alert you even when there is no movement for a specific period of time.

Why do you need to have a Video Baby Monitor?

There are some excellent reasons why you should consider investing in a right video baby monitor. Let’s take a look at how parents could benefit from the baby monitors.

  • Check on your Baby – With a baby monitor, it is easy to check on your baby and what he/she is up to. With that said, you don’t even have to move to keep an eye on your baby. This is especially helpful for new moms. You can get to know what your baby is up to without risking his /her sleep.
  • Get a clear view of the room in the dark Baby monitor allows you to have a clear view of the room even in the dark. So, without turning on the line, you can have a quick glance if your baby has slept or not. Thanks to the feature like Infrared night vision, you will be able to get a clear view of your kid even in the dark.
  • Monitor your kid without being at home – Being a working parent means that you have to constantly juggle between office work and home work. With that said, while you could tend to your kid’s needs when you are at home, what about the time when you are at work? That’s when you can rely upon a baby monitor to monitor your baby when you are not at home. Today’s best video baby monitor works on wifi. It is also reassuring when you are leaving your baby with the babysitters.
  • Record precious moments – Baby monitors allow you to record precious moments with your kids. There is an option to record video in the baby monitor as well. Thus, you can record precious moments of your kid and relive them whenever you want.

Do I need a Baby Monitor?

If you have a baby at your home, it makes sense to have a baby monitor. A baby monitor is quite useful device that lets you communicate with your baby no matter where you are. Having a baby monitor is also important if you are a working parent. So, if you fall in these criteria, you should have a baby monitor set up in your home.


Thus, it is important to have a baby monitor set up in your home. Well, there are plenty of baby monitors available in the market. So, if you have made up your mind to buy a baby monitor for your little baby, our buying guide to baby monitors will surely help you. We have listed down some important features that you should look for while buying a baby monitor.

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