Essential Things You Should Buy for Your Baby

When a little one comes into our family, he/she brings a lot of happiness along with some major responsibilities. Right from their birth, we become conscious about their habits and any related things which may affect their life. So, be it shopping for their products or their regular health check-ups, we need to be proactive and equally responsible to give them a healthy and safe childhood.

However, many parents think that the task of shopping for little one is difficult but, in reality it is not so intimidating. Here, in this article you will find a list of all the essential things you must buy for your little one.

Essential Things Descriptions

If you are a toddler’s mother, you may experience that dressing your toddler is both easy and difficult. Isn’t it?  It becomes quite challenging when your baby does not sit still and starts squirming around in the mid of dressing him/her. So, it is always good to choose the clothes which are loose-fittings and comfortable that can be easily put and take off. Moreover, you can choose clothes with press-on buttons instead of traditional ones. Also, look for the clothes which are durable as these clothes will withstand all the exploration activities of your little one.

Mealtime Essentials

Kids during mealtime always create the mess which results in more of work on us. So, to make mealtime manageable for both of you, don’t forget to add accessories such as highchair, a water or juice sipper (with a lid to avoid spillage), and plates with different compartments where different foods can be filled to make the plate more appealing. You can also get baby friendly spoons and forks which will help your toddler gain motor control.  Moreover, you should also get bibs which play a very important role while the mealtime of your baby.

Sleep Time Necessities

As we all know good sleep is essential for a better life. Also, sleep is an integral part of a toddler’s routine. Before moving ahead to sleep time necessities, do ensure that your kid is getting a proper amount of sleep. To ensure this, all you need is good mattress quality for your baby’s cot. So, you must look for soft cotton fitted bed sheets along with a soft blanket and comfortable pillow which will give proper shape to your baby’s head.

Bathing and Grooming

One who maintains cleanliness, keeps away diseases! And, it supports a fact that a clean baby is a happy baby. There are some essentials which ensure that your little one is smelling and feeling fresh. The essentials include baby soap, oil, shampoo, towels, lotion, nail clippers, hair brushes, comb, cloth diaper, toothbrush etc. recommended by Pediatrician. Also, try to stick to the products which suit your baby well instead of constantly switching between many. However, it may not be the first brand products which you have opted for your little one.

Travel Gear

Travel gear plays a vital role in a baby’s life. Hence, it is always important for you to be prepared with the gear all the time. Additionally, along with travel gear you should look for things such as a sun-guard, a portable crib/ playpen, car seat, a baby carrier (maybe) and a diaper bag for the help if required.


No matter, what is the age of your kid; he/she will always want entertainment. In entertainment, games and toys play a vital role. Games and toys like stuffed toys, story books, mobile for the crib, musical toys, colourful bricks etc. are the major items you must add to your cart while shopping for your kid. Many times, these items not only entertain your kid, but also cater them educative experience.

Medicines and Emergency Items

We all know that the immune system takes time to get fully developed. So, considering their immune system, it is important for you to opt pediatric-prescribed medicines and other emergency items. Moreover, things like Safe-O-Kid’s mosquito repellent products are highly effective, 100% naturals (include citronella, mint, rosemary, lavender, geranium, and clove in appropriate proportion) and have zero side effects. These mosquito repellent products come in the form of patches, bands, sprays and roll-ons. The products work on “block mosquitos’ sensory mechanism” and do not include any harmful chemicals such as DEET, alcohol, and picaridin. Moreover, these mosquito repellent products need not be applied to your baby’s skin.

So, if you are going for baby’s shopping then do not forget to keep all the above mentioned things handy!

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