Newborn Bathtub: How to Choose the Best for your Child?

A Newborn bathtub is much more than just a pretty accent because newborns are slimy little creatures when you’re seeking to clean them. There are a variety of slings, sponges, seats, and baby tubs that fit in your kitchen sink and bathroom tub to keep them secure while you clean them. However, one thing that you should include in your list of shopping should be a newborn bathtub as a bathing accessory. You may purchase a variety of bathtubs, from basic inflatable pools to tubs that collapse to those that include digital displays that offer you information like water temperature. It is imperative that you get one for your infant as soon as you can, regardless of your decision.

Newborn Bathtub: What to Look for?

Many families have arrived at the conclusion that having a newborn bathtub when you need to bathe your infant has a ton of advantages. A bathtub can always be a wise investment, regardless of your baby’s age or whether or not they can sit up on their own. Consider the benefits this simple bathing equipment provides. If you want to make sure that you are well informed about the advantages of the tub before you actually invest your money in it, here is a thorough list of the perks that you and your child should think about while choosing the magical bathing companion:


One of the biggest concerns that most parents have while giving a bath to a baby is whether the baby is safe in the shower as they give it a bath. Whether you are holding the baby or whether the little one sits independently, it is always risky to give them a bath without any safety construct around. This one single reason should be true enough for parents to be motivated to buy a newborn bathtub that offers safety for the baby by not just keeping it contained within the periphery of the tub but also by offering an anti-skid floor that keeps the little one from slipping. It makes sense to opt for a tub that comes with the anti-skid alternative for the best protection of your baby.


A well-designed newborn bathtub can be the ultimate tool of convenience for parents when they set out on the hygiene mission for their little ones. You need to look for bathtubs that come with little pockets or spaces that will add the convenience factor to the accessory. It is possible to ensure that you have all your other bath accessories handy, such as the soap, brush, shampoo, etc. by putting them into the niches provided in the tub. You also need to look for a bathtub that can be easily stowed away when not in use so that you may have utmost convenience in maintaining it since it does not get too dirty when it is stored away while not in use. The value additions in a bathtub may seem like small factors but the truth is that they go a long way in adding convenience to your life.

Convenience is something that can never get too much for the first few years when your baby is still small and requires your assistance in everything that they do.


Ensuring hygiene is also much more manageable when you have a newborn bathtub at your disposal. When your baby is comfortable in the bathtub and you are not tiring yourself out with the effort of handling the baby and giving it a bath, you can focus better on the hygiene factor. Giving a thorough bath to the little one is much more possible when it is in the bathtub and you have nothing else to worry about except for getting the baby scrubbed and clean.


The comfort that a bathtub offers is not limited to just the baby but also the person bathing the baby. It definitely cannot be a comfortable thing to hold on to the little one constantly as you bathe them with a single hand. Instead, if you are able to make the babysit in the tub, you can comfortably give it a relaxing bath and the baby also remains calm and composed all through the bath time. When you are relaxed and comfortable you can be sure about your baby enjoying its bath, which is most important for it to be accustomed to the hygiene ritual.


Anyone that is raising a baby will agree that when there is a fun factor involved all tasks relating to the baby become that much easier. It is the same for when you need to bathe your baby. You can easily add the fun factor to the bathing action by playing with water, adding bath toys or simply by sharing fun moments as you bathe the little one and all of this is possible when you choose to use a good tub. You need to have a sturdy and quality-oriented bathtub for your baby to truly enjoy their bath time and for you to introduce new and innovative bath time games. When you do not have to worry about anything else relating to your baby’s bath, you can also be sure about coming up with new and interesting ideas to have fun with your little one as they bathe.


It is also possible to make sure that you maintain complete cleanliness in the process of the bath when you have a bathtub to help you out. You do not have to put your baby in contact with the unclean surfaces of the bathroom when you have a dedicated bathtub for them. This is one of the biggest boons that parents can get while bathing the baby. There may be colonies and colonies of germs and little bugs in the crevices between tiles of the bathroom floor that can come in contact with your little baby’s delicate skin and cause harm. In order to avoid such circumstances and keep your baby safe from infections and rashes, you need to have a bathtub where the baby can be made to sit comfortably without the fear of it coming in contact with anything that may be unclean or unsafe for them.


Bringing routine and discipline in the life of a little one is highly important and this is best established while the baby is still young. With the help of accessories such as a bathtub, you can condition the babies to a routine of bathing and put them into the habit of cleaning themselves and maintaining hygiene while they are still in the crib. Remember, it is never too early to stress about healthy habits when you are raising a baby and that is why you need to use innovative methods of reinforcing good habits such as the use of a bathtub for bath time so that they understand the importance of the act and relate it to something that they should do every day even when they are old enough to take a bath on their own.

When you are set to achieve so many benefits from the use of something as simple as the bathtub, there is no reason why you should not go ahead and buy it. However, it is also important that you choose the most reliable seller to make your purchase. It is essential that you are able to get a bathtub that is safe and perfect for your baby which is why you need to look for a seller that is completely quality-oriented in their services.

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Newborn Bathtub for babies of different age groups:

Up to 6 months:

This is the age group when babies cannot sit up on their own and need to be bathed as they lie on their backs. During the very early months, babies do not even hold up their heads which is why you need to look for a bathtub that is compatible and right for infants. It is possible for you to buy a regular bathtub along with an accessory that can be attached for the safety of infants such as an infant safety bathing belt. This can help you in managing the baby while giving you enough scope to get the baby thoroughly cleaned. It takes a lot of effort to get tiny babies bathed because:

  • It is a new experience for the parents as well as the babies and little babies get uneasy with the touch of water, which makes them move their tiny arms and legs, making the job tougher for the parents.
  • The babies that are constantly swaddled also tend to sweat more and become dirty in very tight spaces such as in between their small little fingers, which can be tricky for the parents to clean while they are holding the baby in the hand.

It is because of such reasons that you need to get an appropriate baby bathing tub while the baby is still very small and new in the world.thus, it is highly essential that you are able to not only keep your tiny baby controlled and secured but also keep your baby’s bathing essentials handy so that you do not have to move around too much or hassle yourself to look for things like a bar of soap, shampoo, etc.

6 months to 2 years:

This is the age span when the babies start learning about having fun as they bathe. This is a time when they get introduced to the concept of bathing and splashing water, moving around in the bathroom, and grabbing on to things. Thus, it becomes most essential to not only keep bathing essential in easy reach but also keep your baby secure with an anti-skid surface of the bathtub. When you have your baby’s bathing essentials close, you can keep a close watch on how the little one is moving in the tub and while the baby moves, the anti-skid surface keeps the baby from slipping and getting hurt as it enjoys bath time.

While all parents want their babies to remain in control during bath time, it is almost never possible to keep them from having fun as they experiment with their splashing skills with the water. It is, therefore, wisest to make sure that you choose the right bathtub for your need.

2 years and beyond:

An age group when babies turn into toddlers and they realize their ability to wreak havoc no matter where they are. This is an age when babies become a true delight to watch as they come up with new antics and also become the most difficult to handle as they are always charged with an enormous amount of energy. While toddlers generally tend to tire parents out, they become particularly challenging when they are in the bathroom and have new things to explore in a surrounding that they get to spend a short time in. This is an age when the children cannot contain themselves from getting into the bathtub during bath time, which is why parents, need to be careful about not just the bathtub being antiskid but also need to have an idea about the water temperature in the tub.

Before little toddlers are allowed into the bathtub or the bathroom, parents need to be able to check how hot or cold the water is so that children do not end up getting hurt. You need to look for a tub that comes with a digital indicator telling you about the temperature of the water to help you in sorting bath time before the little one is allowed to start enjoying their time.

All in all, when you are picking out a bathtub, you need to ensure that the material used for the making of the tub is safe for the baby and that the finishing of the tub is perfect. It is also important to ensure that you are able to get basic yet important functionalities such as foldable tubs that save space, tubs with hooks to hang the tub up while it is not in use, and tubs with smooth and easy to clean designs so that they can be kept clean and hygienic. When you are able to get all these facilities in a tub, you can be sure about having found the right bath time partner for yourself as well as your little bundle of joy that is all set to fall in love with bathing.

The Search for a Perfect Bathtub?

Motherhood is both a blessing and a responsibility, and every decision you make affects your kid. As a result, you must always make the best decisions for your baby’s health. When it comes to buying baby products, Safe-O-Kid is the best choice available for you. Here is why?

We work as a parent-focused firm since we are run by people who are also parents. We understand a parent’s concerns about their child and hence supply you with baby items that are both healthy and safe for your child. Also, We perform rigorous and stringent quality checks on the product you purchase before sending it to you. As a result, we ensure that your kid receives the greatest product possible during his developmental journey.

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