Window rails to protect against falls

A giant stretch followed by a humongous yawn…and then your baby falls asleep. Slowly but surely. The blinks become longer and longer until they have drifted off into baby-dreamland. Looking at this perfect being, you don’t want anything to change. They appear peaceful, like little angels snoring away. But, appearances can be deceiving. We both know that the moment they awaken, they will be ready to destroy something different, cause messes and be giddy with laughter over their naughty deeds. That is the beauty of children, they have absolutely no guilt and live as they see fit. Their shenanigans keep us on our toes but we love them dearly; after all, they are a part of us.

As children begin to grow, we start to understand that satiating their curiosities is not always easy. Most of the energy and resources are spent by a ‘baby body’ on the development of their brain. As they cross the threshold of about six months they begin to get clingy to their mothers; this signals the development of long term memory and facial recognition. Their brains are marvels of engineering, wherein in the span of just three years, they go from being unable to support their own heads to running up and down your home speaking at least one language coherently. Now, isn’t that a miracle?

The need for children to explore is one that comes to them naturally. Asking you ‘But whyyyyyy’ is not because they intentionally want to annoy you. It is because their tiny think centers are eager to learn and take in whatever they can. A problem however with growing up is that equilibrium does not come easily. Learning how to walk is easy, learning how not to fall…that’s another story altogether. They are gauche, uncoordinated, and most importantly uninhibited. Since they are experiencing many new things on a daily basis, a sense of fear is nearly non-existent. With experience, we have learned what can harm us and what is good for us. Our tiny tots are free spirits and do as they please. In order to protect them from one such aspect of life, today we will be discussing window safety rails

These devices are fixed either outside or inside a window frame based on the space constant and are available in either horizontal or vertical bars based on your preference. Their purpose is simple. They create a barrier between your home and the dangerous outsides if you leave your window open. But hang on, don’t insect nets do the same thing? Unfortunately not. Insect nets are made of thin metal fibers that aren’t meant to handle the weight. If force is applied against them, the weavings will come undone and the sharp metallic remnants can scratch as well as puncture your child’s delicate and supple skin. If rusted, this can lead to complications beyond what a simple band-aid can fix. Tetanus is an omnipresent danger. This is why the installation of these safety gates is essential. They safeguard our munchkins from doing things that they ought not to be doing.

Children are analytical thinkers that understand logical reasoning (only when it’s about new things, but unfortunately not when you try convincing them to eat dinner.) When a window is left open, a bird, an aircraft, a helicopter — any moving object interests them. In this pursuit, they may end up wandering too close to the windowsill. You’ll stop them, right? Obviously, you’ll reprimand as well as admonish them; but what if it didn’t catch your eye? In a report published by ‘SafeKids Worldwide,’ about eight children aged five or lower have fatal falls from windows every year. An additional three thousand plus are injured annually with window-related incidents — despite their parents’ strict vigilance. We’re not saying you’re a bad parent, quite the contrary in fact. If you’re reading this, it means you are infinitely concerned about the well-being of your little munchkin. Parents get tired and deserve a moment’s peace. You are not alone and wanting a moment to yourself is not a crime. It is justified! The next time your child wanders too close to the windowsill you can breathe easy because you’ll know that the window safety gate will prevent them from falling out.

These devices are made of baby-safe materials and are rigorously quality tested before they are released into the market. They are made from metal, polycarbonate, or plastic, all of which is shatter-proof. These gates won’t be able to cause any harm to your baby, just protect them! If you feel like it, you can fasten a resistance band around the window safety rail and employ weight training in your routine. How about that? Fitness in a baby-proofing gadget, yes, please!

But then…what about the ambiance of your home that you have so fastidiously created? These gates have been designed to blend along with the existing look of most homes. These are usually available pillared add ones that cohesively become a part of your home. They usually come in black or white colors that are unnoticeable once placed. So don’t worry, the look of your fabulous home will stay intact. In fact, to add a little whim, you can paint these in different hues so you can play color matching games with your child. At the toddler stage, their brain is fast developing perception and deep color vision. By painting the bars of the window safety rail you can stimulate them to learn and identify colors at an early age! They can also learn rudimentary numbers by counting the number of rails. Be sure to use baby-friendly and lead-free paint if you’re planning to pursue this DIY project!

Once you purchase a window rail, the installation process is relatively simple. Most of them come with the tools, glue, or vacuum seal required. There is no need to call a carpenter or a specialist to install this device. The set-up process is quick and easy.  They are of sturdy construction and won’t come off their connection points unless extreme brute force is applied, a force that your child certainly won’t possess. These window rails are designed such that they are compatible with most pre-existing windows irrespective of the style of construction. Window types may vary, but the safety of the window rails remains intact. In case you have a window air conditioner, there are also specific window ac top rails whose dimensions are suitably reduced and can be employed on the window space above an air conditioner. Additionally, based on the ‘wildness’ of your child, you can get either vertical or horizontal window safety rails such that you can ensure maximum protection. As your window is opened or closed, the rails are also designed to adapt; they are constructed to be extendable. You’re covered, no matter where the window is placed or what orientation it is in. Every possibility has been thought of and accounted for.

These rails can be used for an additional purpose. House plants greatly increase the majestic appearance of your home. They add some contrast and oxygen in our rooms. However, children and soil in potted plants…not the best combination. They may knock your pot over, or worse, rip out the plant. You can instead install the window safety rail inside, between your child and your window. This way the plants can still get the sunlight they need and your tiny tot won’t be able to tamper with them.

The uses of a window-side rail are many and the protections they offer, significant. Your child will get an opportunity to continue their odyssey of exploration and inquisitiveness without the fear of them injuring themselves at or around a window. Falling out is the worst-case scenario, but countless others exist, which while not fatal, may cause unnecessary pain and be accompanied by tear-floods that you will have to handle.

As adults, we must ensure that no hurt befalls our children. While they are growing and flourishing, we must keep in mind that they are delicate. Injuries that seem mundane to us may have consequences that are different than we would have imagined. Constantly looking after our munchkins is physically impossible. As ideas for technology, the environment, and education have evolved, so should our child protection mechanisms. The use of various baby proofing products is extremely important, this will offer you some respite and ensure that many dangerous situations will be eliminated. A window safety rail is an important component of that babyproofing kit. This product has pros that far outweigh the cons — the cons are basically non-existent. Easily available, swiftly set up procedure, sturdy, adjustable, and maintenance-free…what are you waiting for? Get yours today. A rail today will protect against tomorrow’s falls.

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