How Safe-o-Kid is revolutionizing the world of Baby Safety

Children are curious creatures and there is a hidden desire to explore the unknown world. Children do not understand dangers or threats and thus, child-safety is the responsibility of the parents. Most of the parents invest their valuable time and energy in incorporating processes and systems in place that could ensure safety for their kids. In other words as parents we keep on wondering about baby safety as they can wander off in the blink of an eye.

Safe-o-Kid is one of those companies that have understood this challenge and are revolutionizing the world of baby safety with their innovative, ready-made, and environment-friendly products that can make your house child-proof. No matter whether you want to have Premium Corner Cushions to cover the sharp edges of the tables or wish to have DEET-free mosquito repelling products, safe-o-kid can help you get those products at reliable and judicious price.

The products are specially built for children keeping in mind the tender and delicate structures of their bodies. Not only parents will find them environment-friendly but will also find them less time consuming and cost-effective. Unlike traditional baby safety products these are created by professional designers who have wide experience in the domain of child-psychology and child-care.

Important baby safety products with which safe-o-kid is revolutionizing the world

Product No 1: High Quality, Designer, Small Corner Caps/premium corner cushions

What are corner-cushions?

Sharp corners of tables and compartments have always been a problem for little kids running around. If ignored they could be very dangerous for babies. To prevent babies from getting in such troubles, safe-o-kid came-up with premium corner cushions or corner caps that can avoid a blow between babies and furniture edges.

What are the peculiarities of corner-cushions offered by safe-o-kid?

  • Thoroughly tested for high-impact collisions (does not rupture)
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly, odorless, dust-free, and does not become sticky with prolonged use even in extremely hot weather
  • Safe-O-Kid’s special adhesive (do not come off easily yet do not leave stains/damage furniture/paint)
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Most of the products are reusable
  • Flexible shapes and sizes to fit all furniture types and dimensions
  • Vast array of color and design choices to blend with furniture and/or room theme

Product No 2: DEET-Free, Mosquito Repellent

What are DEET-free mosquito repellents?

Traditional mosquito repelling products for babies are effective but are also having hazardous chemicals like DEET, Picardin and Alcohol. Safe-O-Mos came-up with a range of mosquito repellent sprays/ rollers/patches that are effective and safe. The products are designed especially for kids and are tested by international experts for lasting effectiveness and zero side effects.

What are the peculiarities of DEET-free mosquito repellents?

  • Made Specially for kids (100% Safe/0 Side Effects, No Alcohol/ Aerosols, No Skin Application, Both Indoor/Outdoor Use, Weather Proof)
  • No Harmful Chemicals (No DEET/N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide, No Picardin, No Alcohol)
  • Safe Naturals Only (No Eucalyptus Extracts, Rosemary/Clove/Mint Extracts in 100% Safe Ranges)
  • Multiplied effectiveness (6, Carefully Researched, Safe Synergistic Components) vis-à-vis Citronella Only Products
  • Best for kids who avoid bands/ patches OR loose them frequently. Can use on strollers, mattress


Product No 3: Multi-Purpose Child Safety Lock

What are Multi-Purpose baby Safety Locks?

Are you struggling to incorporate ways to prevent baby fingers from getting caught in to drawers/ doors? Are you looking for products those prevent babies from being exposed to harmful things like medicines, sharp tools kept in drawers/ cabinets? If yes, then multipurpose child-safety locks are something that can be of immense help.

What are the peculiarities of Multi-Purpose baby Safety Locks for babies?

  • Very high quality polymer used for a sturdy design
  • Multi-purpose locks that fit all shapes and sizes with flexible strap. Opens from both ends
  • Slim design and color which blend with any decor at your home
  • The provided foam tape is very strong and does not come off even when pressure is high and kid tries his best to take it off. At the same time, the tape doesn’t peel the paint off your furniture when removed
  • Very easy to install with no tools required (no screws and no drilling)
  • Reusable baby safety products
  • Locking mechanism designed such that kids find it difficult to operate but adults have no hassles

 All we can say is that making your home child-proof is now easy with safe-o-kid, as we are dedicated to make your home a safer place for your kids. With our innovative and revolutionized baby safety products we will keep on serving parents and caretakers.

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